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This is miscellaneous information relating to the Library Media Center.

LMC History

T. L. Handy first welcomed students in 1923, and the original library was located on the second floor. Decades later, February 24, 1994** to be exact, the present Library Media Center opened its doors. Located in the areas first used as the original natatorium and locker rooms, the renovated first floor space houses approximately 17,000 items, and has a 3 class capacity. A full-sized computer lab is also attached, designated for entire class and individualized student research/use.

Strong reference and fiction collections, as well as the on-line catalog and research are hallmarks of the facility. Handy/BCPS is an original member of the Valley Library Consortium, and utilizes the VLC for both its circulation system and on-line catalog. Librarian Colleen Montalbano, a credentialed librarian, also holds a secondary teaching certificate.

The Library Media Center houses a large collection of novel sets for classroom use, a conference room for staff, and various technologies (flatscreen TVs, MoBi, CPS, document cameras, etc) to promote the educational process.

** part of the 1993 BCPS bond - Wakely Associates, architects

LMC Novel Info

HMS Library - Novels 

Our novel collection is quite extensive.  Reading levels (according to A.R.*) can be found on each novel's spine.  Historical fiction, mysteries and sci fiction/fantasy titles carry genre labels.

The LMC endeavours to design and maintain a novel collection for the middle school student's maturity level and reading level.  In other words, pre-teens who have reading levels across the board.  Popular elementary series, such as Goosebumps, are usually left to the K-5 libraries.  Novels usually published for adults are left for the high schools to include in their library collections.  More mature teen/YA novels are designated for the 7th & 8th grade.  That still leaves over 5,000 novels accessable to 6th graders. The over-all focus of the library's collection is to meet the curricular needs of the students first.

Each Newbery Medal/Honor book also has a identification label. The Newbery part of the novel collection is very large since the Newbery Medal and Handy have both existed for almost a century.  A list of Newbery novels can be accessed from the LMC's webpage (under "Resources").  There is a column indicating novels owned by the LMC.

* A.R. = Accelerated Reader program

LMC Student Research

Students research in the LMC for a wide variety of assignments.  Final products range from multi-media projects to "term papers" to small hand-written assignments.  Teachers in most subject areas require their classes to complete work that includes both print and non-print sources.  

The Library Media Specialist both instructs and assists students in their endeavors, with a primary goal of having a student body who can be both self-sufficent reseachers and successful life-long learners. 

Sound educational practice also dictates that students cite their sources to avoid plagiarism.  Therefore, the Library Media Specialist covers this with students and provides information on the library web page to reinforce students' abilities in citation.  Primary sources are also covered.

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