Volunteer Code of Conduct


As a Volunteer, Your Role and Responsibilities in the School Are Unique

The Bay City Public Schools Volunteer Program is not designed to supplement current programs or reduce staffing needs, but rather to compliment what is already in place. The Bay City Public School Volunteer further enhances the educational opportunities and experiences of the children within the school system.

He/she needs to be aware of the need for confidentiality in regard to any school/child related information and recognize that activities will be directed by the classroom teacher and for Volunteer Coordinator in accordance with all estabilshed educational policies and objectives. This program is an integral part of the Bay City Public Schoot District requiring dependability, cooperation and confidentiality on the part of the volunteer.


UNDERSTAND that your role is a supportive one. The teacher and principal are completely in charge. You must not be left in charge of a classroom.

REMEMBER volunteers are only permitted to work with students on school grounds and under the supervision of the public school staff.

MAINTAIN student confidentiality at all times. Do not discuss any student with anyone except teachers, counselors, and volunteer coordinators.

USE good judgment and avoid any compromising situations. Work in a room with other people at all times. Never be left alone with one student out of view of other people. Always keep the door open.

STRICTLY follow volunteer guidelines and discipline practices. Physical discipline is absolutely prohibited. Ask the teacher and volunteer coordinating staff for assistance with problematic student behavior.

TAKE PRIDE in Being Professional.

MAINTAIN a constructive attitude. Don't make negative comments about the school, its personnel, or the students to other volunteers or individuals outside the school.

BE PROMPT and consistent in your attendance. Teachers depend on volunteers and plan their work accordingly. Students depend on volunteers even more.

NOTIFY your school as soon as possible if you must be late or absent.

KEEP an accurate record of your attendance by signing in each day you volunteer.

ESTABLISH and maintain good and frequent communication with your classroom teacher.

NEVER be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Do not smoke on schoot grounds.

DO NOT use the Internet inappropriately by going to websites that are not conducive to a professional or educational environment.

ALERT school staff immediately if any student has an accident while working with you.

Please remember that you must complete screening requirements by filling out an application with a clearance of a background check before you can become a volunteer. The program/school reserves the right to discontinue your volunteer service for any cause.

Volunteer Application Form 2014-15