Teaming activity (gingerbread houses)
Students in Mrs. Arsenault's students came to visit Mrs. Manczak's & Mrs. Salinas's 8th Grade ELA class to work together to make a gingerbread house to take home or display in the school!
Teaming activity (gingerbread houses)
Students modeled for each other who were experienced with the art of making a gingerbread house and lent a helping hand for those who never made one.
Teaming activity (gingerbread houses)
There were lots of colors of frosting and candy to choose from to make their design bright and cheerful for the holidays.
 Teaming activity (gingerbread houses)
The students had a wonderful time socializing and signing
Think First
6th Grade students attended an informative presentation from "Think First" on the prevention of brain injuries.
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